Reflection Space

Critic: Brian Goldberg
Studio: How to LiveTogether 

The project focuses on creating varying levels of intimacy within one structure; hence, allowing for opportunities to reflect in solitude or within a group. 


Location: RISD Museum
Co-Curators: Cherry Yang & Jisu yang

{re}position is a point of entry into a conversation that addresses how a western canonized pedagogy has impacted our positionality as artists and designers and gives individuals a space to reflect on the ways they have engaged with other their non-western narratives.

Office Design 

Critic: Penn Ruderman 
Team Members: Christina Truwit & Jisu Yang 

Situated in 431 Veterans Memorial Parkway, the proposal for the new office building is a combination of the curtain wall system and cast in place concrete structure with solar panel roof overhanging from the building. It is designed to perform at lowest EUI.

Mapping Embodiment

Critic: Thomas De Moncheaux
Studio: GSAPP Summer Studio

These drawings work towards visualizing embodiment of varied speeds as one moves through a designed philosophers hut. This exploration is expecially seen in paths of circulation through different rooms and through the design of stairs. 

Project Archive 

Funded by RISD Architecture
Cofounders: Sofie Kusaba & Christina Truwit

An architectural survey of extracanonical works and labour practices.


Critic: Ramon Tejada
Studio: Typography 2

In this studio assignments were set up to design large-scale and small-scale work simultaneously and understanding the trade-offs of various formats and contexts. The course also extends basic typesetting into more extended reading experiences.