Designing a Market Hall near Dexter Park 
Critic: Yasmin Vobis

Designed at RISD Architecture

The Armoury, the park, and the space between them currently exist as three awkwardly divided plots when in reality the three spaces have shared the same history. As seen in the aerial photos, the area of the dexter ground/park has always been in dialogue with one another until recent years. 

The Providence City Council has suggested that this space be utilized for designing a market hall. Hence, if a market hall were to exist in this space, it must allow for both a visual sense of porosity and also make space for movement between the Armoury and the park. As a result, this lightweight ribbed steel structure exists on the level of the ground. The market exists below ground so it doesn’t distract from the 2 icons on either side. 

To maintain a sense of ease of access between the Armoury and the park links in the form of bridges are established between the doors of the Armoury and path that exist within the park. The routes on the parks are preserved as they were an integral part of dexter assembly ground being transformed into dexter park. These bridges are colour-coded to mark different paths of the armory.